Gillian Higginson

Transformational Life-Joy Coach, Intuitive Healer and Teacher

Gillian believes that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and have the ability to heal, grow and create magic in each and every moment.

Transformational Life-Joy Coach, Intuitive Healer and Teacher

Gillian is an internationally recognised Intuitive Healer, Life-Joy Coach and Teacher in the fields of Self Development and Personal Growth, and is a Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem Trainer to Teacher Level.

Using a formula that is unique to you, your values and your personal journey, Gillian facilitates deep and lasting transformation, healing and growth that unlocks the answers held deep within, facilitating clarity, balance and harmony.

Gillian does 1:1 sessions either in person or online via Zoom or WhatsApp, as well as groups through her ‘Phenomenally You’ Group Program online and various Group Classes she holds either online or at The Center in Noordhoek.

Gillian specializes in the art of transformation, healing and personal empowerment through the use of Life-Joy Coaching and Intuitive Energy Healing using a variety of modalities to build a unique formula for each client.

Using numerous techniques and tools honed from a multitude of modalities that she has studied and perfected during the course of her 23 year journey in the field (including a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching, Reiki, Egyptian Sekhem,  BodyTalk, Breakthrough, Mindscape, Theta Healing, Shamanic teachings, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and various Shamanic Teachings with a predominantly Polynesian influence), Gillian focuses on facilitating heightened awareness, growth, focus, clarity and purpose for you.

Gillian concentrates on adding masses of value for those she gets the privilege of assisting with their unique journeys.


‘My biggest take from my journey with Gill has definitely been the self-development & expansion that I have received from working with the concepts and working with the group of like-minded people. I am so grateful for this beautiful path that I am on and so grateful to Gill for the wonderful teaching and mentoring that she provides all of us.’          – Kayli-Jane Krummeck

‘This journey has taken me deeper into my own innate wisdom and this is a feeling I am yet to find the most fitting words for. This journey is taking me on a route of self-discovery, self-knowing, self-trusting, self-deepening, and ultimately, self. This journey is soft and mesmerising, but it is also rising. Rising of my own power. Of my divine potential. And learning what it is to stand beside myself fully – the good, and what might be seemingly the bad and the ugly.’          – Megan Coetzee

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