Alida Haarhoff

Alida is an intuitive coach, teacher and healer in the esoteric and metaphysical fields. Alida specialises in Family Constellation Therapy in a monthly group setting or on an individual basis.

Alida does in-person and remote / international coaching – these sessions can be done on a one-on-one basis or via Zoom or WhatsApp video call.

Using a unique blend of tools such as tarot cards, numerology and family constellations therapy, Alida uses her highly developed intuition to guide people on their life’s journey. She helps to identify self-limiting patterns and energy blockages, while connecting directly with your soul energy to understand what it needs, to help you reshape your life and manifest your life’s purpose.

Alida’s healing is through inspiration and guidance that will help you to take charge of the important aspects of life. To help access guidance for others, Alida’s coaching sessions incorporates the Tarot CardsNumerology and Family Constellations therapy.

Alida specialises in Family Constellation Therapy in a monthly group setting or on an individual basis

Founded by Bert Hellinger, who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, this three-dimensional process helps you to gain insight into destructive familial patterns, and the results can be life-changing.

Hellinger observed that many of us unconsciously ‘take on’ these generational patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of ‘belonging’ to our families.

In fact, children who are bonded by a deep love will often sacrifice their own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a fellow family member of parent.

In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. Family Constellations Therapy helps you to acknowledge what is – to see things as they are, and to realise that in making the necessary changes, you can bring change to all those around you.

Alida guides you through the process to honour and respect the ancestors who came before you, and to untangle the unhealthy attachments that will set you free…

Alida also teaches Tarot and has an in-depth understanding of the cards.  She works with corporate clients and individuals, and attends various corporate functions, festivals and events. Alida has regularly been featured on Heart FM and Mutha FM Radio.

Alida can be contacted on +27834096854 | | Instagram: Alida Haarhoff


“Poise, clarity and mastery are the only way I can describe working with Alida as she weaves her magic through her Family Constellation sessions.  I always leave moved from the core and changed forever. I cannot recommend working with Alida enough.” – John Sanei (Dubai)

“I did a Family Constellation with Alida many years ago. I went in very sceptical and unsure of what was going to unfold. It turned out to be one of the most life-changing, positive soul shifting, positive experiences of my life! I cannot emphasise how “things” shifted for me, all for the better! It felt like this heavy burden of anger and resentment had been lifted and I have never looked back since. I have seen lives transformed all for the better after these workshops. I promise you, you will totally be blown away!” – Luke Ziegenhardt (Cape Town)

“I would highly recommend the Tarot course if you are interested in Tarot.  I found the information easy to absorb.  Alida was so engaging and interactive with everyone involved. It made for a very positive learning environment.” – Jessica Higgins (Cape Town)

“I attended 2 of Alida’s Tarot courses because I always learn something new. Different types of layouts are taught, and each suit was discussed in detail. She created a warm, safe atmosphere and was sensitive to various individual’s situations. Highly recommend as one learns principles one can apply in one’s own life.” – Esme van der Bijl (Cape Town)

“Hi Alida thanks for the session today! Jy het ‘n amazing gift!” – Willem (Cape Town)

“Thank you so much for your masterful facilitation today, Alida. It was incredible to watch the day unfold for everyone.” Seanus (Johannesburg)

“I was totally blown away with the accuracy and information that came through for me. I highly recommend Alida. She has an astounding and beautiful gift.” Paula Luiz

“I have worked with Alida on a few occasions, one-on-one and in groups. Both experiences have been so deeply profound that the energy shifts happened immediately. Alida has the power to transform your darkness into light on such a big level, she’s an absolute powerful house! I have experienced the family constellations and her numerology and tarot readings. The guidance and healing received from these sessions have moved mountains for me, big ones! And for that I will be forever grateful for Alida and her amazing gift! Thank you, sister!” – Marie Coveley (Cape Town)

“Alida is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I have found so much peace and clarity since Alida came into my life shortly after my mother’s passing 3 years ago. There are no words to express my gratitude for the guidance she has given me in all areas in my life. She has unbelievable accuracy in her readings. Any chance that I get to have a session with Alida it truly restores me. Anytime I am at a crossroads, need answers or just to feel at ease – Alida is such a safe place. She is very special and is truly one of the most gifted, amazing people I have ever met. She comes highly recommended. A true blessing.” – Nicole Anastasia (UK)

Alida Haarhoff

Alida is an intuitive coach, teacher and healer in the esoteric and metaphysical fields.

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