Intuitive Coach, Teacher, Healer

Alida specialises in Family Constellation Therapy in a monthly group setting or on an individual basis.

Reiki Master & Trainer

Berenice works with the universal energy to balance and heal one’s physical body, emotional state and overall well-being and health.

Regression Hypnotherapist

Caitlin Dewar offers in-depth regression hypnotherapy sessions which help to heal trauma on a deep level.

Life-Joy Coach, Intuitive Healer

Gillian believes that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and have the ability to heal, grow and create magic in each and every moment.

Dorn Therapy, Breuss Massage

Holistic manual therapy and simple self-help method for the gentle and safe correction of misalignments in the spine, the pelvis and other joints.

Sex Counsellor, BodySex Coach

Jessica believes that pleasure should be an essential part of everyday life

Thai Massage & Face Guasha

Nissa Rakdee-Philander is a Professional Certified Thai Massage & Face Guasha Practitioner

Somatologist & Beauty Therapist

Storm specializes in lash, brow and facials treatments, amongst many other beauty services.